*FAQ about Facility Use

Are there certain requirements to stay at Hi Seoul Youth Hostel?
Is Wi-Fi Internet available in the Youth Hotel?
Is parking lot available for room guests?
Would you give me traffic information?
What time is it for check-in and check-out?
Where can I find convenience facilities?
Can I leave my luggage in custody?
-How to get to the Airport from Hi Seoul Youth Hostel?

*FAQ for Function Rooms

Is any charge added for the use of conference rooms?
Can I hang a banner? If yes, which size is suitable for each function room?
Can we have time to set a conference room in advance?
Is setting service of function room provided?
In case of extending the time of using a function room, how much is extra charge?


*FAQ about Reservation

How can I make a reservation?
Would you give me information on your penalty policy?


*FAQ about Meal Service

How can I have breakfast?
What time can we have meals?


*FAQ about Hostelling International Membership Card

Where and how can I get a membership card?
What should I prepare to get a membership card, and how much is the fee?