N Seoul Tower

The tower located at the peak of Mount Nam. At the observatory reached by cable car, you may view the whole atra of Seoul.
Gorgeous night view of Seoul will lead you to a fantastic […]

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Namdaemun market

The marketplace selling all sorts of goods including cameras, clothes, imported goods, etc.
You can get any goods at reasonable prices.

– Access
Subway Line #4 :
Exit #5 of Hoehyeon Station
(31 mins. by Subway : […]

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One of favorite spots of tourists, with famed department stores, bonded clothes shops, vivid streets, etc.
This town is the center of Fashion and Beauty Art.

– Access
+ Exit #6 of Myungdong Station of Subway […]

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Dongdaemun Market

Mecca of shopping in Korea, selling cheap but fashion-leading clothes.
Enjoy Fashion in the daytime and vividness in the night time!

– Access : Exit #14 of Dongdaemun Historical Culture Park Station of Subway Line #2, […]

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