What is Special Event Day?

It is a spcial program provided by Hi Seoul Youth Hostel, which any foreign tourist can join and enjoy.
Any foreigner who want to make Korean friends or learn a variety of Korean cultures can join the programs provided once a month.
Detailed information about this program is available at Hi News board of this home page. (Go to Hi News board)

Program Summary
Special Event Day
+ Time: Once a month
+ Location: Hi Seoul Youth Hostel, and
other places in Seoul
+ Activities: Learning Korean culture, Cultural exchange activities, Outdoor activities (K-POP dance lesson, Korean traditional paper \’Hanji\’ craftwork, Korean traditional mask \’Tal\’ craftwork, Korean food cooking activity, Recreational activities, etc.)
+ Participants: Foreigners and Koreans
(A Korean can participate in the program by accompanying one or more foreigners.)