Samsung Museum of Art

Leeum-shows Korean art and overseas art together. Special art collections at a state-of-the-art museum situated under Mount Nam!

– Access
+ Subway Line #6 : 10 mins from Exit #1 of Hangangjin Station
(25 mins. […]

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The National Assembly

Being of the largest-scale national assembly in Asia, the building of The National Assembly of modern style added of Korean traditional design is a symbol of Yoido area. Through the web site for visitors, […]

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IFC Mall

IFC Mall positioned as a landmark of Youido is multiple shopping and cultural district where there are hotel, shops, restaurants and cinema.
+ Exit #4 at Youido station of Subway Line […]

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63 building

As a skyrocketing building of 63 stories being 264m high, it is a complex of amusement facilities with office spaces. At its observatory, the whole area of Seoul is seen like a panorama.
63 Art […]

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Soenyoodo Park

Being an ecological park formed by recycling the old water-purifying plant in the land ‘Seonyudo’ in the river Hangang, it has an aquatic plant garden where there are about 10,000 kinds of plants, and […]

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Yeouido Park

Situated along the river, this park is beloved by citizens and tourists for a variety of festivals such as Spring Flower Festival, World Firework Festival, etc. with easy access by public transportation.
A swimming pool, […]

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Itaewon is an area to meet foreigners and foreign culture most in Seoul, which many youngsters visit like Hongik University town, Shinchon and Gangnam because of many good restaurants and recreational spots. Also, various […]

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